IFWT_Battle Of the Guardians
Today Marvel dropped “Guardians of The Galaxy”, which reps phase 2 that will lead to the May 2016 Avengers 2: Age Of Ultron, so this Guardians movie is pretty important to the average Marvel fan, but a couple theaters across the country totally did not play this Guardians -_-

Tat Wza

So 1 theater in Richmond VA, and one in Turnersville New Jeruz played the 2012 cartoon “Rise Of The Guardians”, which was a good movie, just not good enough for any Marvel fan coming to see the latest installment of the Marvel Universe.

If you don’t understand, here’s the difference:

Guardians Of The Galaxy;

and here’s Rise Of the Guardians;

Apparently the mix up came because of a summer program for kids that show older pics so yeah…