Ludacris and daughter Karma

Ludacris is not very happy with Delta Airlines, after his 13-year-old daughter Karma was unable to get on a flight that he’d dropped her off for. According to the report, Luda and Karma flew together from LAX to Atlanta. From there, Karma had a solo flight to NYC, so dad dropped her off at the first-class lounge where he believed 4 hours later, she’d get on her flight. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out that way.

Marisa Mendez

Unbeknownst to Ludacris, any child under 15 is not allowed to fly on Delta without an adult, so the airline would not let her on the flight. They reportedly called the rapper and let him know that if he paid $100, they’d provide her with an adult supervisor, but he wasn’t with it. Instead, he picked her up and took her home. According to Luda’s people, he’d booked the flight himself, and was told the only requirement was that an adult needed to be present in NYC when the plane landed…which would be Karma’s mother. Apparently someone was wrong.

Guess he probably won’t be flying Delta again!

Source: TMZ