IFWT_Kevin Ward x Tony Stewart

Kevin Ward Jr. was struck and killed after getting out of his car to confront fellow driver Tony Stewart during a caution period after Stewart had run him into the wall on the previous lap.  The sheriff’s department says they currently have two videos of the incident and have not found any evidence to support criminal behavior but the investigation is still pending.

Shay Marie

via CBS Sports:

The Ontario County sheriff’s department continued with its investigation into the death of Kevin Ward Jr. on Saturday night, and as of Monday afternoon, “there are no facts that exist that support any criminal behavior,” relating to Tony Stewart’s on-track collision with Ward at Canandaigua (N.Y.) Motorsports Park.

Sheriff Philip Povero said that his team currently has two videos of the collision between Stewart’s car and Kevin Ward but that they’re searching for more videos, images and witnesses.

“No timelines set on this. We want to complete this investigation as quickly as possible,” Povero said in a press conference on Monday afternoon. “At this time, there are no facts that exist that support any criminal behavior or conduct or support any probably cause in this investigation.”

“There’s no fact right now that would support someone committed a criminal act.”