Shay Johnson

Scrappy just can’t keep his paws to himself. As if the messy love triangle with his current girl, Bambi, and baby momma, Erica Dixon, isn’t enough Shay Johnson is back in the mix. Well actually she never left! In an interview with The Jasmine Brand Jonson made it very clear that Scrappy isn’t going anywhere and that the two remained connected post production and off camera. See more below!

“Scrappy and I are actually still dealing with each other,” she said. “We still do. We were dealing with each other throughout the show off and on. There’s a lot that goes on outside of the show that the public doesn’t get to see. No, I wasn’t on the show at all with Scrappy, but I dealt with Scrappy off and on, the entire season. He still ain’t went nowhere.”

Johnson says their friendship was ruined by their sexual relationship and is now complicated because he’s dating Bambi.

“A lot of times I wish I never done anything sexual with Scrappy,” she said. “No type of relationship on that level at all because it really destroyed our friendship. We tried to get it back, but we’re attracted to each other and we did a lot more outside of just being friends. I do care for him; I have much love for him, forever. But being with him in the future, I can’t predict that.”

She also weighed in on Bambi and Scrappy’s relationship.

“I laughed, I didn’t see the entire show but I seen enough episodes to see that it was bullsh*t. You said you want to be this faithful man on TV but outside of TV you throwing those text messages and you want to see me and you’re having sexual relations. You’re just like anybody else, you want your cake and eat it too. I know what I’m dealing with, I know how he is so I know how to deal with him now. He broke my heart; he did what he did to me, first time on you, second time on me. I’m not going to allow myself to be put in that position to be screwed again.”

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