IFWT_Benzino Blast SJ& Joseline 3

There’s a lot of bad blood going on between the LHHATL crew. Of course a lot of the drama stems from the fall out between couple’s Stevie J and Joseline and their current nemesis couple Benzino and fiancee Althea Heart. After the brawl during the reunion filming where Joseline went HAM and came for Althea and Zino, Zino is no longer keeping quiet. Former friend of ‘Sleaze O’ is calling out the reality star couple as being broke! Boop. Don’t ever bite the hand that feeds you….or keep your lights on for that matter. See Benzino go at the duo on Twitter inside.

See what Zino had to say about Mr & Mrs Stevie J in the gallery above!

Andrea G

Welp to Zino’s credit, maybe this was before Joseline found out Althea smashed
her hubby? Shrugs.