Swizz Beatz and Chris Brown Performance for Reebok Classics at Project, Las Vegas

In an interview with Sneaker Watch Swizz Beats spoke with admiration for all that Kanye West is and what Kanye stands for… The producer feels he has long way to go before he can live upto the praise the Yeezus rapper once gave him, but Swizz assures us he will get there…

Here is some of what Swizz told Sneaker Watch about Kanye.
“…Kanye is a genius…He’s misunderstood. He’s a genius. I know what he called me as a producer, that was generous. People know what he called me and I ain’t that yet. I said, ‘I’m gonna work to be work towards being the greatest producer of all time.’ But whatever creation that Kanye does, I respect it because he puts his passion into it, he puts his time into it, he’s dedicated to it. He’s a one of one…He’s the architect that’s misunderstood. He’s the designer that people wish they could. He’s the rapper that’s unspoken but often heard of. He’s the producer that’s 808 greatness. Kanye West is to music like Ralph Lauren is to fashion.

Watch video for the full low down.


Source: Hip Hop DX