It is getting worse and worse for Roger Goodell and the NFL and now there is even more news that shows proof some shady s**t is going on. Reports have evidence that the Ravens organization as well as commissioner Goodell knew months ago about the newly released tape of Ray Rice punching his wife and knocking her out in an elevator at a casino in Atlantic City.


The NFL as well as the Ravens have claimed they never saw the violent nature of the newly released tape of Rice hitting his wife prior to the public seeing it as well. Now it seems they have been lying and knew about it months ago. In fact the Ravens knew about it the same night it happened.

The Owner of the Ravens, Steve Bisciotti as well as people in his front office immediately started a private campaign to keep the details quiet and the tape away from public eyes. They asked for leniency from the Commissioner as well as authorities in Atlantic City and all parties pretty much looked the other way.

That resulted in Rice’s small two game suspension when most people expected a much harsher punishment. Then also the realization that Goodell and Bisciotti are close and is technically an employee of the owners.

Most sources spoke with “Outside the Lines” on the condition of anonymity, citing the NFL’s just-launched, self-described independent investigation by Robert S. Mueller III, the former FBI chief, which is being overseen by John Mara, the New York Giants’ owner, and Art Rooney II, the Pittsburgh Steelers’ co-owner. Mara and Rooney are close confidants of Goodell’s. The interviews, viewed together, paint a picture of a league and a franchise whose actions — and inaction — combined to conceal — or ignore — the graphic violence of Rice’s assault. When evidence of it surfaced anyway, the NFL and the Ravens quickly shifted gears and simultaneously attempted to pin the blame on Rice and his alleged lack of truthfulness with Goodell about what had happened inside the elevator.

All parties involved are guilty of trying to sweep the entire incident under the rug only when it benefited them, but quickly attempted to place full blame on Rice when things got hot. There are also reports the team and the league attempted to contact Rice and ask him to keep quiet about any details of the situation to basically make sure he didn’t contradict any parts of their attempted cover up and it was said that Rice was not happy with them about it. Grimey!

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