Adrian Marcel

Last week, I caught up with Mr. “2 A.M.” himself, Adrian Marcel. As it’s quite clear what’s going on at such hours of the night, I decided to get a few sex tips from the Bay Area native. Check out his 7 tips for the bedroom below!

Marisa Mendez

1. You’ve got to be hands on. Your hands have to always be moving. A woman likes to feel a touch. The fingertips are probably the best to go with. Everywhere – there’s no place that they shouldn’t be.
2. It’s all about multitasking. You have to multitask. You have 2 hands, you have a mouth and you’ve got something else – it’s time to put all 4 of them to use.
3. It’s all about confidence. You can’t be real tender like, “Can I touch your hair, ma’am?” Grab her hair, and you put her where she needs to be. Not to say it’s a controlling thing, but take control, okay?
4. Please, PLEASE wash yourself! Whether you are a female or a male, wash yourself. Nobody likes a dirty anything.

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