Taking Action: Iggy Azalea Sues Ex-Boyfriend, But Not For The Alleged Sex Tape Then What?!

Iggy Azalea Files Lawsuit Against Hefe Wine

Don’t mess with Iggy because apparently, she don’t play! With all this back and forth about the Sex Tape and who gave who rights, it seems the “Black Widow” singer is fed up and taking action! According to reports, Iggy Azalea is suing Hefe Wine!
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(18+ Video) Japanese ‘Adult’ Stars Give Up Their Breast For 24hrs To Raise AIDS Awareness

IFWT_Japanese Stop AIDS campaign

Japanese porn stars know how to raise awareness, the went to a public event to let anyone ‘grab some boob’ in order bring more attention to HIV in Japan, and the world.

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Adult Film Industry Resumes Filming 24 Hours After H.I.V Scare


The XXX film industry in Los Angeles came to a sudden halt Thursday evening after an adult star tested positive for H.I.V. After news broke of the positive test, a moratorium or temporary ban was put into effect. Thankfully Friday morning news broke that the test results were negative and activity’s resumed as normal. Fear not, more films are on there way from the adult film industry in L.A.

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(Warning: 18+ Video) Old Video Leaks Of Joseline Hernandez Stripping, Eating Box & More!!

Joseline at the club

Remember on the show when Joseline threatened to leave Steebie, and he said ‘yeah, leave me to go back to that life.’, or When Joseline said she built her current life, and Steebie said ‘I took you out of the club, and gave you all this’, Well this video shows exactly what he saved her from, and he’s right, she will NOT leave him to go back to this.

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Ouch! South Carolina Mom Calls Cops After Catching Her Son Watching Skin Flicks!!


After coming home with both her 2-year-old daughter and a client, real-estate agent Chavonda Gallman was unaware of the surprise headed her way. The 40-year-old mother sent her young daughter to turn on the living rom TV so she could work with her client. However, once the TV was turned on, the porn that Gallman’s 15-year-old son was watching remained in the screen — exposing the 2-year-old to it.

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Wrap It Up: California Passes Law Making Condoms Mandatory In Porno Shoots!


Although most porno stars are also required to get tested for STDs and AIDS before filming, nothing is ever guaranteed. The California State Assembly just passed a law requiring all adult film actors to strap up during their pornographic shoots in Cali. According to State Assemblyman Isadore Hall, STDs are out of control in the porno industry and it’s better to be safe than sorry. However, Vivid president Steve Hirsch says he’ll make sure his videos aren’t shot where this law is in effect because he claims their testing procedures are more than enough. One porn executive told TMZ they already lost approximately $100 million dollars from this law. He explained that 480 permits were issued in 2012 and after the condom law passed, the number dropped down to 40 in 2013 and only 30 for 2014. Hall argues that the porno companies can digitally remove the condoms and that they’re full of sh*t. Although statistics show that 11% of the females in the porno industry have contracted gonorrhea from unprotected sex during filming and 15% tested positive for chlamydia. WELP…. wrap that thang up, gentleman.

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Ty Dolla $ign Reveals ‘$ign Language’ Mixtape Release Date & Features; Talks Living In Brooklyn & More

Ty Dolla $ign in NYC

Ty Dolla $ign has been teasing his ‘$ign Language’ mixtape for some time now, and revealed to Vibe Vixen in a new interview that we can expect the project to drop on July 21st! Y’all know I love me some Ty, so I would go all into excited mode right now (even though I already knew this release date, LOL) but I’ll spare you guys! Moving along, the Cali crooner also spoke on his time living in Brooklyn (hilarious story,) his dream collabs and more. Check out a few excerpts below.

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(Video) Nikko & Mimi Discuss How To Work Shower Rod & Explaining Sex Tape To Daughter

mimi nikko vlad IFWT

Vlad recently sad down with Reality stars Nikko & Mimi Faust to talk in depth about their recent viral sex tape. Everything from whats to come in the future to how the sex tape came about… Even hinting that theres more footage.

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(Video) LHHATL: Joseline Hernandez Finally Finds Out Althea Smashed Stevie J!

josie and stevie talk reunion

It is definitely going down in Atlanta between the Puerto Rican Princess and Althea. Joseline Hernandez had her suspicions when meeting Benzino’s new squeeze and Mimi added to the speculation when she claimed to have saw Althea half naked in Stevie J’s home. Now it seems those reports are true, with the new cast member confessing to have smashed the homie. Yikes! To check out a preview, click below.

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Yikes! Adam Levine Said What About Sleeping With Lindsay Lohan?!

Adam Levine

A couple of months back, a “smash list” purporting to be made by Lindsay Lohan during her time in rehab hit the web, featuring TONS of celebrity names that she’d bedded. LiLo would go on to confirm the list as true…but not everyone featured on the list is echoing her sentiments.
“That’s not true. I did not have sexual intercourse with Lindsay Lohan,” one of the alleged smashees Adam Levin said on the Howard Stern show this week. “A lot of people probably did, I don’t know, [but I did not].” A little awkward, no? Yikes!

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