Almost a week prior the Pats took a mean loss to the Chiefs 47-14 and it looks like they were out for blood. Brady was on point last night, he ran two QB Sneaks and hit 50,000 passing yards. They were enjoying some good football and Tom Brady looked great. The Patriots looked official last night flipping and rolling into the end zone . If you didn’t watch last nights game you missed some good football.

“Brady threw for a 292 yards after not passing for more than 249 in his first four games, and Stevan Ridley had 113 of the team’s 220 yards rushing against a team that had allowed an NFL-low 11 points per game.” Brady looked amazing last night and the team as a whole looked great offensively and defensively. If your a Pat’s fan you’re probably jumping back on the Brady boat and holding your head high tonight

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