Don't Steal Possible

It’s always a beautiful thing when people come together for a great cause! The #DontStealPossible rally went down in Foley Square, NYC on Thursday, with over 21,000 parents and teachers coming together to raise awareness and take a stand against the education crisis in NYC. Street artist Greg Lamarche created an amazing mural, having students assist in its’ completion throughout the duration of the rally – which called for bold, urgent action to expand access to great schools.

Among the supporters was Questlove, who was also on hand to DJ. “This morning I took a stand for kids’ education, because every child deserves a good school and a great education,” Quest said in a statement.

Greg Lamarche will be rolling out 5 more murals in the 5 boroughs over the next few weeks for #DontStealPossible. Keep up with the initiative on Instagram!

Marisa Mendez