The Indiana native, Freddi Gibbs has taken to his latest interview with Noisey to discuss the backlash received on his latest song ‘Thuggin’. After a youtube user commented on the message of the song, Gibbs defended his lyrics by stating that it is a parents responsibility to filter the content their child comes into contact with. Check out his full response below!

Adriela Batista

“Well, you know what man, MechanicalAnimal? I’m soon to be a parent,” Gibbs said. “I kind of understand you but I don’t. You supposed to control the media and things that you’re kids see in your household so that’s not my job. I do this to feed my family. My mom living good off these thug-ass raps, me rapping about crack and shit like that. You want me to stop my money so a kid—that’s the parent’s job. You lucky that you’re kid just seen that shit on YouTube ‘cause I was seeing that shit up close in person. I think I kind of turned out to be alright so I think your child will be fine.”

Gibb’s continued to state that although he may not condone many of the social issues within the song such as smoking crack, ‘it is definitely a reality’.