Mila J EP

Gorgeous singer/songwriter/dancer Mila J finally released her debut EP M.I.L.A. (Made In L.A.) yesterday, after years of trying out girl groups, various solo ventures, random day jobs and the like. She’s finally found her niche now though, and has seen success with her latest singles, “Smoke, Drink, Break-Up” and the Ty Dolla $ign-assisted, “My Main.”

Just before she dropped her EP, I hopped on the phone with Mila, and chopped it up about rumored romances, her amazing body (and how she maintains it,) what she spent her first big paycheck on and more. Check it out below!

Marisa Mendez

On finally releasing the EP:

Man, it’s a nervous energy but it’s a good energy. Of course I’m anxious. I obviously had to learn patience along the way because of all of the different set-backs that I have had, but I’m in a good space. I’m positive about it, and I’m just… I mean, of course I’m excited more than anything. It’s kind of nerve-wrecking, though. It’s what you’ve been working on for so long and then you finally release it and it’s like, “Ahh!” But yeah, I’m excited to see what people think.

On writing for other artists:

Writing is definitely newer for me, as far as the last couple of years. I started when I took my hiatus after I was in those girl groups, as those are way more of a compromising situation. Like, you don’t really have to get into yourself so to speak, and I feel like once those groups ended… You know, I was never solo prior to those girl groups. I never was that girl like, “I’m using this group as a platform.” I liked being in groups, so I feel like I had to do a lot of searching for myself when they were over, and find out what I wanted to do, what I wanted to talk about, what I wanted my visuals to look like. I definitely did that on that hiatus, so songwriting is definitely newer for me within the last couple of years. As far as other people, I don’t see that. It’s like, different. I guess you can step outside your writing experience and give stuff to someone else, but for now I’m for myself.

Her mains:

Well I have 2 mains! I have 2 that I’ve known for a really, really long time out here in L.A. One of them is actually one of the girls I was in a group with. We remained really, really close. One does hair and makeup, and the other one is a teacher.

Her biggest check:

I didn’t get it yet! But it’s coming, it’s coming! I don’t know what to do with it. I’ll probably spend it all on food. I’m a foodie! Or a trip, a trip! I’ve never taken a vacation, so honestly that’s important. Or a really good camera too, because I like photography so I’ll probably get all the gadgets.

Her body:

I will say… I won’t take all the credit. Some of it is my father’s metabolism for sure. But when preparing for videos and stuff, I’ll do like an hour with a trainer and then we’re in 8-hour dance rehearsals, so that alone. I could afford a soda here and there because I’m dancing it right off, you know what I mean? So when I’m in rehearsals and preparing for tours and videos and stuff, it’s definitely much easier to do it without thinking about it, because I’m just dancing it off. But when I’m on the road, I try to make a conscious effort. It’s hard because usually the hours we’re on, the only thing that’s open is stuff that’s terrible for you. I try to do lower dairy and lower salt and just really balanced meals. I don’t eat beef and pork either. I just try to get vegetables with every meal and try to have the right portions.

Rumors about her and Romeo from IMX:

I mean, we grew up together. He’s like my brother so sometimes he’ll go out on the road with me here and there when my road manager can’t. Nothing romantic at all. He knows the ropes, he’s done this before. Like I said, we’re like brother and sister.

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