Ahhh Haaa, Got ya, it’s not what you think, but still very insightful from Lil Jon! TMZ caught up with the Trap Master himself at an Airport, discussing the “turnip For What” video Michelle Obama did to raise veggie awareness, you know the 1st lady gets her healthy on, and ask Lil Jon if he knew about it, and was good with it, of course he is.

Tat Wza

The camera guy pointed out they respected Jon’s intellectual property, although the camera guy said ‘mental property’, And Jon’s was happy about that going on to say voting is very important so you can get like minded people in office. The camera guy also asked Lil Jon if he eats Turnip’s, Jon said “nah but I eat my vegetable’s”, and later the camera guy asked if Lil Jon would eat a Turnip for Michelle Obama, his answer “Only if she asks me to do it, and puts it on the internet”. Do you know how big Lil Jon would be if the 1st Lady put a video out talking to Lil Jon….He’s Smart, He’s a genius!!