Kim & Kanye
All I can say is LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL, damn that wasn’t clean! Kim just trying to get some shine with her hubby in the bed, but the fans be noticing sh*t was to much. BUT to keep it 100, they kept it 100.

Tat Wza

So Kim posted a pic of herself with Yeezy knocked in the bed she was sitting on, and a couple people picked up on the fact that the bed(Not 1 but 2 with the same comment), DOES look kinda familiar, unfortunately the whole whole has seen Kim in this bed, pre-kanye, you know, when someone ‘hit it 1st’. Even though yes everyone saw ‘that video’, it’s still very disrespectful because she’s married now, and the guy in bed is her husband! Feels like a classic Kanye Rant will happen, and this may get mentioned!! See The Gallery above.