Athletes and rappers like to pass around and share the same women so if this story is true I’m not the least bit surprised.  The new lady in question is young “stylist” Tyrina Lee.  She was rumored to be Future’s side chick and the reason he and Ciara broke up.  Well apparently she’s moved on to Atlanta Hawks guard Jeff Teague.

Shay Marie

via Baller Alert:

“Tyrina lee who was recently in the blogs for breaking up Future and Ciara is now posting pictures all over IG in connection to Jeff Teague. Tyrina met Jeff through a friend who was casually sleeping with Jeff Teague for many years. MESSY!!

Tyrina has been fired as Futures stylist but is still a kept woman. As for Jeff, well he just signed a major contract and is now the face of the Hawks. Jeff posted Tyrina as his WCW weeks ago and since then has posted pics of the girl on his page. Jeff calls himself “NACHO”, Tyrina has posted many pictures insinuating the two are in love and hashtaging #Nacho on multiple pictures.”

*photos in gallery above*

According to Baller Alert Tyrina’s name is dirty in Atlanta for the many ballers she’s tried to snatch up.  Apparently these guys don’t care because I’ve seen them marry women like her…