We’ve seen the Album About Nothing trailers and he’s been real live with his love for sports and kicks, but musically, Wale has been type low-key.

The Body” rapper took to his Twitter account last week [Oct. 27] to announce that he would soon be going in for surgery – For what? He hasn’t disclosed. – and decided to head on over to Instagram to post photos from the hospital bed as he prepares for the operation.

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JaaiR (JR)
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Wale IG’d:

“Turn up the Valium . Dance dance . ” So look right U get all emo and think about a lot of shyt in these situations .. I’m thankful for the perspective of knowin who REALLY “yeah” . I know I know I know .. And it’s bittersweet! Anyway love to my family /friends fans

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Whatever the issue, get well soon and drop that ALBUM!