Olympic swimming champion Michael Phelps is finally out of rehab after receiving treatment for his alcohol problem.  There’s been a lot of talk about his alleged girlfriend, Taylor Lianne Chandler who revealed she’s intersex and was originally born a male named David Roy Fitch.  Phelps hasn’t addressed the situation and has not been seen with Taylor either but he did spend the holidays with a different old flame.

Shay Marie

via TMZ Sports:

Michael Phelps is finally out of rehab but it seems like he’s already picked up an old habit, Miss California.

Nearly two months after entering a treatment center following his second DUI arrest, Phelps spent his Thanksgiving with family members and on-and-off girlfriend Nicole Johnson (Miss California 2010).

Phelps and Johnson have been together and then not together, and then together again since 2007.  According to Johnson, they’re officially back-on and even had a movie “date night” last week.

Phelps was joined at Thanksgiving by his mother, sister and other family members and it’s interesting to note there was wine at the dinner table since Phelps is clearly struggling with alcohol.

I’m starting to wonder if Phelps was ever with that woman Taylor or if she was just a really crazy fan.