OMG, Beware if you’re the type with a weak stomach. Tony Hawk has yet another injury resulting in a CRAZY leg injury. Have you ever seen a hole ripped open in anyone’s leg?! Well, if not, hit the jump to check out Hawk’s skateboard accident injury BEFORE the many stitches…

via TMZ:

Ever wanted to know what the inside of Tony Hawk’s thigh looks like? Well, now you can ’cause he RIPPED HIS LEG OPEN during a crazy skate accident in New Orleans.

The details surrounding the accident are unclear — but here’s what we know … THERE WAS A GIANT BLOODY HOLE IN TONY’S LEG!!!!!

The good news … he’s been stitched up and even gave the ol’ thumbs up sign to the camera.

He also tweeted, “Living the dream! (but today kinda sucked)”

Check out the pic — just be careful if you have a week stomach.

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