Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Joseline Hernandez Suspended? Mona Scott Young is finally putting her foot down; and cracking down on some of the violence associate with the Love & Hip Hop franchise. It’s been reported that Young Berg(Love and Hip Hop Hollywood) has been terminated for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend Masika Tucker, who also stars on the VH1 series. Joseline’s fellow cast member Benzino was also terminated from the show. Joseline the notorious firecracker has also been reprimanded for her behavior during the reunion. The Puerto Rican princess was suspended from the show for the first four episodes next season with no pay. Details below


According to a source for MediaTakeOut, Hernandez will be returning next season, but it will be after a four-episode suspension. Not only will she sit out filming the first four episodes but she also won’t be paid for them regardless of what her contract may have otherwise stated. If you caught the last reunion then you saw Hernandez get up and physically attack several cast members. Althea Eaton filed charges against Hernandez and there is currently a warrant out in New York for her arrest because of punching Eaton, a move that was caught on film.
Obviously the producers wanted to send a clear message that violence is neither supported or tolerated by them. The thing is, a suspension or arrest warrant isn’t likely to make Hernandez change her ways. She’s the first to admit that she likes to go after other women whenever she feels like it so this proverbial slap on the wrist is unlikely to phase her very much.

What do you think is Mona going light on Joseline or is this a fair warning?