Mother Beats Daughters Ass For Twerking. How many times are these young females out here going to learn, if you’re going to make a twerk video, DON’T DO IT WHILE YOUR PARENTS ARE HOME. Watch the video after the jump!

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Now I know the whole twerking trend is still running its course in our society but if you’re going to make a twerk video, do it right or don’t do it at all. She already started off the twerk video the wrong way by recording with a video camera that looks like it was used in the 80’s. We’re about to be in 2015 now, film that twerk video in HD or keep it to yourself. Then she decides to make the twerk video while wearing jean shorts.. I’m insulted and slightly disrespected by the fact she thought that was okay. See why you got your ass beat with a tray in the first place? If you don’t do things right, you get a beating. And lastly, the fact that your mom was even there when you we’re recording this video let me know that you’re probably under the age of 21, so yea I’m all the way good on seeing you twerk. Although this was a pretty good beat down, nothing compares to this thot who got her ass beat by her mom, check out the video here.

Source: Worldstar