_Bill Cosby Jokes About His Sexual Assault Allegations During Stand-Up Routine In Canada!

Bill Cosby joked about his sexual assault allegations during his stand-up routine in Canada. The comedian has been under fire recently for sexually assaulting numerous women over the years. During his stand-up he shed light on the situation by poking fun at the allegations with the crowd. Find out what he said and read more on the story below!

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In London, Ontario, Bill Cosby took the time to joke about the sexual assault allegations. In his stand-up routine, Cosby saw a woman leaving the front row and he asked her where she was going. She responded back to him by saying that she was leaving to go get a drink and she asked if he would like one.

Cosby replied to her and said, “I already have one,” as he pointed to a bottle of water that was next to him on stage. He then added, “You have to be careful about drinking around me.” The joke was followed by some gasps, claps and laughter from the crowd. But two men at the stand-up did not take the joke lightly. They were ejected from the show because one of them yelled, “We don’t love you, Bill!” Security tried to take them out of the venue but before they left the man continued to scream, You are a rapist. I’m being ejected because you are a rapist.” The crowd started to boo the man until Cosby asked for them to stop. “No, no — stop,” Cosby told the heckler. “Stop it.” He told the audience, “No clapping — nothing. That’s right.” After the man was removed the audience began to clap and Cosby resumed his show with a joke about how his daughter and wife “can’t stand him.” Even after that Cosby seemed to have had a good show as the crowd cheered loudly and laughed during his entire two-hour routine. They also gave him a standing ovation.