Ludacris Speaks Out About ‘Over The Line’ Paul Walker Jokes Told During Justin Bieber’s Roast!

Ludacris Better Than Your Favorite Rapper?

Ludacris recently spoke out publicly about the controversial jokes that took places during the Justin Bieber’s Roast on Comedy Central.

Read what he has to say after the jump…

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(Video) Jamie Foxx Jokes On Bruce Jenner And More During The iHeartRadio Music Awards!


Jamie Foxx has NO chill ever! He was hosting the iHeartRadio Music Awards on Sunday and did his rounds joking on everyone including Bruce Jenner’s transition. “We have some groundbreaking performances here too tonight. We got Bruce Jenner, he will be here doing some musical performances. He’s doing a his and her duet all by himself.” Jamie paused while the crowd laughed and continued the joke with, “Look, I’m just busting your balls while I still can.” The only thing that makes that joke hella awkward is the fact that Bruce’s daughter, Kylie Jenner was sitting in the audience! YIKES!

Watch the full clip below!

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Paul Walker Joke From Bieber’s Roast Revealed

IFWT_Paul Walker Joke at Bieber Roast

Comedy Central known for it’s epic roasts, and Biebers Roasts has been in the works for a while, it was taped the other day and news of Luda being tight behind Paul Walker being mentioned in a joke, well Comedy Central is pulling those jokes from airing, but not before letting everyone know what is was…

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(Photos) Chris Rock Jokes About Suge Knight’s Photoshopped ‘Legally Blind’ Courtroom Picture!

_Chris Rock Jokes About Suge Knight

Chris Rock joked about Suge Knight’s photoshopped ‘Legally Blind’ courtroom picture(That we saw Tat Wza post 1st). Find out what Chris Rock said about the photoshopped picture and check out the photos of him in the gallery below!

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(Video) NFL: IIamas Get Loose In Arizona & Show Off Speed, Leads To NFL Teams Offering Contracts


Ahhh social media, you gotta love it! Yesterday the country was taken by storm by a dress that had people bugging out over it’s true color and earlier in the day we had llamas on the loose in Arizona, which led to a whole bunch of jokes and memes. The llamas were seen running around in Sun City, Arizona and showed off some speed and moves that NFL coaches wish their players had. It led to the Arizona Cardinals twitter account offering contracts to the llamas, but the Indianapolis Colts wanted in on the deal too, but only if they are willing to trade Andrew Luck’s beard. All in good fun. Check the gallery

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(Video) NBA: Charles Barkley Ethers Gabrielle Union’s Acting Skills After She Fires Shot At Him


Yooooooo! Dwyane Wade might have to clap back at Charles Barkley for this, but honestly Gabrielle brought it on herself. While debating if Dwyane Wade should of made the All-Star game during the NBA on TNT, Barkley was adamant that Wade shouldn’t of made it, while Kenny Smith thought he should of been there. Gabrielle Union was watching and tweeted basically that Kenny knows more because he actually won championships unlike Charles. Well he didn’t like that comment too much and slayed her whole acting career in five seconds.

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(Photos) NBA: Ah Man, It’s Getting Worse! Fans Go In On Lebron’s Here Today, Gone Tomorrow Hairline


It is no secret Lebron is struggling with his hairline, it has been happening for years. More recently though it appeared as if he got work done on his hair to maybe help regrow the follicles, I mean we all know he can afford any price. Sadly for Bron though sometimes hair loss just can’t be saved regardless of how much money you have to spend. It is clear at this point that Bron puts something in his hair to make it appear more full than it really is because the second he starts to play and sweat, that fake hair disappears quick! Some fans took notice last night and went in on the King!

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Dj Mustard Claps Back At Followers For Joking On His Weight!!


Clap Back season seems to be in FULL effect since people on social media have no CHILL. Dj Mustard was the next celeb to go off on IG followers for getting on him about his weight. The famous producer just laughed it off saying he lost 15 pounds and the haters need to get a life! I agree, let that man be great!
Photo of his response in the gallery…

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Bill Cosby Jokes About His Sexual Assault Allegations During Stand-Up Routine In Canada!

_Bill Cosby Jokes About His Sexual Assault Allegations During Stand-Up Routine In Canada!

Bill Cosby joked about his sexual assault allegations during his stand-up routine in Canada. The comedian has been under fire recently for sexually assaulting numerous women over the years. During his stand-up he shed light on the situation by poking fun at the allegations with the crowd. Find out what he said and read more on the story below!

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(Video) Conan And Seth Meyers Indulge In Bill Cosby Jokes


Did Conan O’Brien and Seth Meyers take the Bill Cosby jokes too far? This incident has been the butt of all comedy in reference to memes that have went viral on social media. Knowing that rape is a serious matter, some may think that the duo Conan O’Brien and Seth Meyers crossed the line; however, Late Night TV does not believe in boundaries, therefore it was only a matter of time before the jokes began. In their defense, the two did acknowledge the fact that this was a “delicate issue,” and made sure they kept the witticisms to a minimum. I am sure that a slew of jokes will make its way to the other late night TV shows now that Conan and Seth made light of it. Cosby continues to live a normal life, for he has yet to make a statement based on all of the accusations he has been facing as of lately. According to reports, NBC has pulled the plug on the Bill Cosby series that was in the works. TV Land also ceased all reruns of the ‘Cosby Show’ due to his recent headlines in the news. Watch the video below as Conan and Seth Meyers indulge in Bill Cosby jokes. Comments regarding this video range from “It’s not that serious,” to “Joking about rape is disrespectful.”

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