(PHOTO) NBA Jokes: Dwight Howard Takes Another Shot at LeBron’s Hairline


As an April Fool’s joke, Dwight Howard took to Instagram to jab at LeBron James about his hairline.  A lot of fans had something to say about it, but that’s not stopping D12 from making more Bron hairline jokes.  He was back at it last night by posting up another meme & made sure to let fans he doesn’t care what they think — it’s all jokes.
Check it out…

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(Video) LOL! Deadmau5 Crack Jokes About DJ’s Avicii, Martin Garrix & More!


O the first day of the Ultra Music Festival marathon, Laidback Luke was set to light up the Main Stage ahead of Diplo, Zedd and Eric Prydz. However, the Mixmash boss was forced to cancel his set at the last-minute to be with his wife. In the 26 minute video, there’s some good-natured joking about the various ‘levels’ and ‘wake up call’ at the Avicii Hotel, why Chuckie is “nothing but trouble” (particularly when paired with Carnage), and Afrojack’s three branded Lamborghinis. It all adds up to one of the most entertaining coffee runs yet. See the dope video below!

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(Video) NBA: Kobe Bryant Clowns The Lakers’ Record!

IFWT_Nick Kobe

You know Kobe isn’t happy, but at least he’s joking with his Lakers’ teammates…kinda.  It feels like there’s a bit of a jab in there.  Check out what Nick Young had to say about the Black Mamba…

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NFL: Too Soon?! Darren Sharper’s Name Being Used For This Slang Term…


Darnell Dockett just stays in the news with his tweets. By now most have heard about the trouble Darren Sharper is in — he’s accused of raping multiple women.  Well now Dockett revealed that some people are using ”Darren Sharper”  as a slang term for raping a woman.  Too soon?!  Hit the jump to see his tweet & weigh in…

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(Video) NBA: Jeff Van Gundy’s Got Jokes About Derrick Rose’s Knees & His Son

IFWT_Drose and son1

Funny, but not funny?!  Some fans were upset and of course some fans laughed at it.  Yesterday during the Knicks/Bulls game Derrick Rose was shown with his ADORABLE son PJ & Jeff Van Gundy had jokes.  Check it out…

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(PHOTO) NBA: Tahiry Courtside at Knicks Game, But Who Is That With Her?!?!


Can’t Tahiry just enjoy a Knicks game without jokes?!  No?  Ok, then.  Last night she shared some pics while courtside at the Knicks/Mavs game.  Of course the JR Smith jokes were immediate, but fans also went in after she posted up a pic with one of her friends.  She has since taken down the pic, but we have the screen shot.  Fans wanted to know who she was with … but not for good reasons.  You guys can be so mean. Lol.  Check it out…

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(PHOTO) NFL Jokes: Ray Rice’s Text Message Inbox Revealed After Arrest

IFWT_Ray rice

Too soon for this?!?!  I know some of you won’t think this is funny, but I also know that some of you will get a kick out of it.   It’s all jokes — these are not real Ray Rice texts.  Fans make these texts/emails up all the time after injuries or altercations. Let’s be clear though – the situation isn’t funny at all.   Check it out…

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(Video) NBA ASG: Dwight Howard Does His LeBron Impression & Gets On James Harden About His Jacket

IFWT_all star jokes2

Dwight Howard compares All-Star letter jackets with James Harden and does his LeBron James impression.

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(PHOTOS) NBA: LOL, Damn!! Twitter’s Got Jokes About Melo’s Jacket Compared To Bron, Kobe & Even Snoop!


C’mon, you guys didn’t have to hurt Melo like this!  As much as I love my Knicks, I did laugh at this (I feel horrible).
Each player in the All-Star game rocked a jacket with badges for their individual achievements (rings, MVPs, etc).  Well Twitter had jokes about Melo’s (his only had 2).  Even at one point it looked like Melo was embarrassed about his jacket & tried to cover it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Check it out…

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(Video) LMAO! Is This What Really Happened With Flappy Bird?


There are a lot of rumors and talk going around about WHY the Flappy Bird dev took the popular game out of stores, well someone took time to put a video together on the possibility and it’s funny AF!

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