(Photos) NFL: So Foul! Twitter Goes IN On Atlanta Falcons Player Eric Weems Hairline!


Those HD cameras covering sporting events capture everything and fans don’t miss a thing! During the Atlanta Falcons huge blowout win last night over the Tampa Bay Bucs, receiver Eric Weems had his hairline exposed to the world and twitter had no chill! Weems should be happy the win was such a blowout for his team otherwise his head may of gotten even more attention. Some jokes were real funny. Hit the jump.

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(VIDEO) Boxing: 50 Cent Has Jokes About Floyd Mayweather Getting Bitten During Fight!


Oh Fif! Lol, any opportunity huh? During the rematch between Floyd Mayweather & Marcos Maidana, Floyd alleged that Maidana bit him & his hand went numb in the 8th round.
Well instead of congratulating Mayweather on his win & staying undefeated — 50 Cent decided to make jokes. Check it out…

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(Video) Amber Rose Cracks Mariah Carey Joke In Wild N Out Freestyle

Amber Rose

Hilarious, who knew Amber Rose had jokes?! Muva Rosebud joined the cast of Wild N Out for all the fun, games, and freestyles earlier this week and brought her A game. Nick Cannon shouldn’t have been surprised when she cracked a Mariah Carey joke after he fired shots at her. See video after the jump!

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(Photos) CTFU! Cam’Ron Uses NickWasntThere Hashtag On TBT Picture With Mariah Carey!!


Nick and Cam’Ron had some words in April when the Dipset artist posted a picture of Nick and captioning it with this, “Emergency black people meeting at 8am tomorrow to discuss removing Nick Cannon”. LOL! Just this Thursday Killa took another shot at Mr. Cannon, this time posting a photo with Mrs. Cannon kissing him on the cheek. “Tbt me and Mimi #NickWasntThere.” Cam has no chill!
Check out the photos in the gallery…

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(PHOTOS) MLB: Aww Man! Hilarious Memes Emerge After Prince Fielder’s Naked ESPN Cover Is Revealed

IFWT_Prince fielder 1

You guys didn’t have to do this to him!!  I think it’s great that he gave zero f*cks and went nude (see all the athletes here) for ESPN The Magazine’s Body Issue.  Texas Rangers star Prince Fielder boldly showed off his naked body for the magazine … and Twitter had ALL kinds of jokes yesterday for it.
I applaud his self-confidence, but the memes are still pretty funny.  Check it out…

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(PHOTOS) NBA Jokes: Chris Bosh Texts To LeBron James Leaks


This is pretty funny.  I love finding these kind of “leaked” texts and emails (it’s all jokes people).  This time it’s Chris Bosh hitting up LeBron about their free agency moves.  LeBron doesn’t respond, but Bosh just keeps with it … hilariously.
Check it out…

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(Video) LMAO! Jimmy Kimmel & Apple Launch The iPhone P?!

IFWT_Fake iPhone P

Lol, this is funny, but on a real note, Jimmy has a great point here about developing things that are not truly necessary before finding the cure for cancer!!

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(Video) 50 Cent Goes At Kevin Hart After He Made A Joke About His Pitch!


Another beef!? No, don’t worry, it’s all in good fun. 50 Cent took to Instagram to make a video clowning on Hart after Kevin posted a video of him imitating 50′s foul pitch at the New York Mets Game. Hart took no offense of course, reposting the video and admitting he couldn’t help but laugh. Check out their posts after the jump!

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(Photos) NBA: LOL, Tim Duncan’s Fashion Sense Needs Work


Unlike when Dwyane Wade or Russell Westbrook arrive to games, you may of missed Tim Duncan’s sense of style when he walks in. Westbrook and Wade tend to think they are trendsetters while Duncan looks like he just didn’t think at all. Jokes were on him before game 4 last night when cameras caught him walking in looking like he was straight out of 1994. Super baggy jeans with an over sized, tucked in button down was not doing himself any favors. One person said he had Michael Jordan jeans on and it was a pretty legitimate joke. The jokes definitely didn’t stop there. It is obvious Duncan could care less about his style but it is still funny to see. Hit the jump.

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NBA: LMAO, Destroying Him! #PGsBetterThanChalmers Trends on Twitter & The Results Are Hilarious!


Damn it man! LMAO!  Everyone is going in on Mario Chalmers.  Earlier we shared Stephen A. Smith & Bill Simmons getting at him after game 3 of the NBA Finals & now we have some hilarious results from #PGsBetterThanChalmers trending on Twitter.  They are killing him!!  Hopefully he shows up for game 4 tomorrow night.  Check it out…

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