People on the internet are just so thirsty to create a story. Amar’e Stoudemire was getting roasted by blogs and twitter alike over his comments about Carmelo Anthony yesterday. The way some of these sites were wording their stories, you would think Amar’e was firing some real shots at Melo and they might have beef. At the end of the day, while he did mention Melo’s name, it was in a very lighthearted type of way.


Amar’e was always the type of player who played much better when someone was setting him up to get the ball in a position he was more comfortable with. Remember the young Stoudemire out in Phoenix, playing alongside Steve Nash? They were a great duo but it was clear Amar’e needed Nash and that style of play to be at his best.

There have been other players during his career that have helped his game as well by feeding him the ball as they racked up the assists.

In a story for ESPN, he was asked about the players who have assisted him the most when he replied ” I know Carmelo’s definitely not up there”.

See, doesn’t sound so bad does it? Not too mention Melo has NEVER been known for his passing skills, so it really wasn’t some serious diss or anything like that. Ironically though, Amar’e was somewhat wrong. Out of the top ten players who have assisted him the most in his career, Melo was actually number 7 on the list. As you might expect, Nash was clear and away the leader of the group.

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