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While Donald Trump is gearing up for his appearance on this week’s Saturday Night Live, the Latino Activist Group,, is preparing to disrupt him. On what could possibly be one of the highest rated episodes of SNL, the group has offered up $5,000 to any audience member who disrupts Donald Trump during the live broadcast.

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ARiiE:Twitter | Instagram made the following announcement on their website,

NBC has invited Donald Trump to be the host of Saturday Night Live on November 7th despite outcry from the Latino community and supporters of equality that giving Trump a platform on the hit comedy show sends the wrong message that his offensive and racist comments about Latinos and Mexicans are acceptable. … Let’s show the world that attacking brown people is not the way to win the White House.

According to CNN, the group only has two requirements for anyone trying to claim the $5,000; 1. they must be willing to be identified by name in the media and 2. they must be clearly heard saying either, “Trump is a racist,” or “deport racism.” If more then one person decides to disrupt the broadcast and adhere to the rules, the money will be spilt between them.

The plan of attack launched by, stems from anger about Trump’s comments about minority groups, labeling Mexican immigrants as rapists and his immigration plan which included a giant border wall.

You can check out the Republican presidential candidate hosting Saturday Night Live on November 7th.

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