The world loved singers, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez individually, but when the two came together as a romantic couple in 2010, fans became obsessed. The two young stars, looked like a match made in Heaven and shocked everyone when they decided to call it quits and were on-and-off until most recently, in 2014.

In a recent interview, Bieber expressed how intense the relationship really was and how he feels about Gomez, today.


During the interview, Bieber said of Selena,

“I’m proud of the woman she is today. When you love someone that much, even if something comes between you, it’s a love that never really dies.”

He also mentioned that he has yet to listen to the lady pop-star’s latest album Revival.

“I know I had a lot of play in that one. I don’t know what she’s saying about me.”

Justin and Selena are only in their young twenties, which means, even though they look the part, they are just figuring their lives, much like the rest of us.

Bieber is featured on the November issue of Billboard magazine in what is being called ‘The Rebirth of Justin Bieber.’

The issue shows the progress of Bieber, who was brought into the spotlight at the young age of twelve. He, like many others in his position, experienced a lot of scrutiny for his transformation into adulthood.

Bieber commented on growing up in the eye of the media, saying,

“I want people to be more kind to young celebrities. Like Kylie [Jenner]. Look at her world: She has been living on TV since she was a kid. Every time she’s looking around she sees a camera, and that’s affecting how she’s thinking and how she’s perceiving people and why she has to do certain things … Situations that happen taint your mind, especially in this industry. Especially for girls.”