The good and innocent continue to die young…rest in peace Tyshawn Lee. Read the full story of yet another Chiraq slaying after jump.

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All for what? 9 year old Tyshawn Lee, was murdered this passed week in Chicago, Illinois, due to what police are investigating to be his father’s gang connections.

Tyshawn was lured from a park this past week, into an alley way where he was shot in the head and back by an unknown assassin. Lee was on his way to his grandmother’s house when he was initially approached and ultimately killed on the south side of the city.

Superintendent Garry McCarthy has stated that this was the “most abhorrent, cowardly unfathomable crime that I’ve witnessed in 35 years of policing. Everybody is sick; everybody is disgusted.”

McCarthy states this killing was in retaliation of two Chicago gangs fighting, and the boy’s father, Pierre Stokes, is yet to cooperate with police. Stokes has strongly disagreed with the authorities accusations of him saying that he is easy to find and that police have spent more time asking him questions than finding his son’s killer.

$35,000 is being offered up to anyone who can provide valuable information regarding a suspect, with search warrants currently about. Police regard safety concerns of those who would like to speak out on the situation, with McCarthy iterating, “We’ll take those steps to keep it as quiet as we can.”

A memorial for Tyshawn Lee has been decorated in the fatal alley way with balloons, candles, and stuffed animals. The loss of the young boy has touched many from around the country and of course those in Chicago with members from the Faith Community of St. Sabina (a south side Roman Catholic church), raising money from around the nation.

Rev. Michael Pfleger, a priest at St. Sabina who is very well known for his anti-violence activism, says he will pay money out of his own pocket to help any person with information move from Chicago.

Rest in peace young Tyshawn.