The Golden State Warriors just won their first championship in 40 years so expectedly you know their fans want the team to stay together. Things got hectic yesterday however when Finals MVP, Andre Iguodala, appeared to demand a trade via twitter.


On Thursday, the San Jose Mercury-News published an article that discussed Steve Kerr’s coaching plans for next season. The headline reads “Kerr doesn’t anticipate Iguodala starting for Warriors next season.”

Obviously, the Mercury-News has a Twitter account. And, when a link to the article appeared on its timeline, the headline accompanied it. Well, the tweet found the eyes of Andre Iguodala, who then quoted it with a comment of his own.

Fans immediately were hoping he was joking and got upset immediately. Lucky for them though shortly after he tweeted out he was just playing. He even added “Got eeeemmm”

Check the gallery! Warriors fans you guys can rest easy.