There’s been several photos of Steve Francis that popped up with him really not looking too good.  In fact the photos sparked rumors that he was addicted to drugs and/or alcohol or was suffering from health issues.  Well he looks pretty good in this video and had something surprising to say.

Shay Marie

Steve Francis says the reports of his demise have been greatly exaggerated, telling TMZ Sports he’s not only doing perfectly OK, but he could still ball up 20-somethings in the NBA if he wanted to.

The Franchise was out in D.C. when TMZ’s camera guy asked the 37-year-old if he’s maintained his skills since he last played in the league back in 2008.

It’s an interesting question, considering there have been widespread rumors that Francis was struggling with health issues after some unflattering pics surfaced online.

But Steve said he’s doing just fine — “blessed” — and explained why he adamantly believes he could (and might) make a return to the league.

Francis also spoke on the Knicks troubles and what Knicks president Phil Jackson is trying to do with the struggling team.

Steve Francis was a member of the Knicks back in the days and they could surely use The Franchise’s help right about now.