Kentucky Teens Wanted in “Bonnie & Clyde” Crime Spree. The two runaways, an 18yr old male and a 13 yr old female are wanted by police for destroying thousands of dollars in property, stealing vehicles and cashing false checks.

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Here’s their timeline:
Sunday, Jan. 4: Cheyenne and Hayes allegedly destroyed thousands of dollars in property by plowing through a Kentucky cattle farm in an allegedly stolen vehicle. Police also said that the teens stole a red Toyota car that had a gun inside it.

Monday, Jan. 5 to Sunday, Jan. 11: Whereabouts unidentified

Monday, Jan. 12: The teens cashed a stolen check at a Walmart in South Carolina.

Saturday, Jan. 17: There were reported sightings of the teens in Alabama, Florida and Texas.

The most interesting aspect of this story were the comments made by the chief police officer of Manning, South Carolina who said that the teens have a “Minor” forgery charge against them for passing a fake check but “back home is the best place for the teens to be”. He then later said “We could pursue criminal charges against them, we just have to continue to wait. One the teens are found, we’ll look at the circumstances and decide if that’s something we’d want to purse”. Lol what? Let’s reverse the roles here and say these two teens were African-American and were going state to state stealing cars and cashing fake checks and leading police offers statewide on a wild goose chase, they’ll be greeted with bullets at the first sighting of them and there would be thousands of “Wanted” posters with their faces on them all around the country but because they’re Caucasian, they’re considered “Misguided teens” who “just needs to be back home”. Let me know what you guys think about this story and I’m looking forward to the capturing of these two teens and what their punishment would be.