Nick Young is not having much luck with the ladies right now. Well technically if all these stories recently are true, then he is having a great time with the ladies, but not so great at covering his tracks. Last week pictures were snapped of Nick chilling with a mystery woman who seemed to be very comfortable with Swaggy. Iggy was nowhere to be found, but the pics might of rubbed her the wrong way because a couple days later Nick copped her a brand new Ferrari, possibly as an “I’m sorry” gift. Now another “mystery” woman is claiming she is sleeping with Nick and has proof but more so doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon!


So this woman already sounds sketchy because if Nick really is creeping with you on the side and treating you good, then why speak on it and get him in trouble? Also how you plan on still seeing him if you just snitched on him? You are dead to him at this point.

“We met on social media a long time ago and well we started hooking up. It was fun at first. The games, the parties, the sex on his red pool table. But Nick is a hoe. he was with the rapper chick the whole time. He’s a cheater. His relationship is fake and I feel bad cause she really thinks she is the only one and she’s not”

The woman claims to have had multiple sexual encounters with Young and does not plan on stopping anytime soon.

Now in all the pics, the women blurs her own face so she can’t be seen, which again begs the question if you are putting all this out there and throwing Nick under the bus, why aren’t you showing your face.

For his part, Nick did reply to the new allegations, very briefly.


What you guys think of this faceless, nameless woman, making accusations?

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