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(Photos) Model Ayisha Diaz Blasts Bow Wow For Cheating & Being Bitter

Ayisha Diaz x Bow Wow

I figured this wouldn’t last long. Bow Wow Shad Moss is such a cornball. But that’s none of my business (*sips Kermit’s tea.)

Anyway, 106 & Park host Bow Wow and model Ayisha Diaz announced their relationship via Instagram back in May, but the romance has since crashed and burned, and new allegations of cheating and gold-digging have come up. Bow Wow was first to call attention to the situation, posting a photo online over the weekend with a caption taking shots at exes that have used him for money and fame. Ayisha then followed up with a series of now-deleted posts, explaining that Bow is just bitter because she’s in a new relationship, and insinuating that he had cheated on her. Check out the pics in the gallery.

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Robin Thicke’s Latest Album ‘Paula’ Sold 530 Units In The U.K.


Robin Thicke’s latest release and homage to his wife ‘Paula’,is not doing as well as he make like, well at least out of the country!

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(Photos) Hmm! Who’s This Chick Chris Brown Is All Hugged Up On Late At Night?!

Chris Brown and a mystery woman

Breezy’s back to his old antics, huh? Just days after the alleged split with Karrueche, Chris Brown was spotted hugged up on an unidentified woman in a parking lot late last night, before they left together in his Lambo. The embrace looks rather friendly, however, and she isn’t quite up to par with the Karrueche’s and Rihanna’s he’s usually seen with, so I’m inclined to believe she’s just a friend and/or member of his team.

Chris had a busy day yesterday, also being spotted at Sevyn Streeter’s birthday bash at Hollywood club Emerson, as well as performing his track “Loyal” at Nobu. Check out footage from both events below, and more pics of Breezy and the mystery woman in the gallery!

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Joseline Says She Never Tweeted Anything Confirming Cheating On Stevie J!


The Puerto Rican Princess is reborn! VH1 Reality TV star opened up a new Instagam (JoselineReloaded), and new Twitter account (@Joseline4Ever) after tweets of infidelity and sleeping with Drake, Kevin Durant and other celebs were posted from her previous Twitter account last week. ”So today somebody hacked my Twitter page again, ” she said. “It’s all bulls****, it’s all lies. i haven’t been on Twitter in three days. Now Ms. Joseline Reloaded is back, and f*** you hater motherf******.” Check out what else she had to say after the jump.

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(Video) Interesting! Beyonce Changes Lyrics Mid-Concert, Alluding To Jay Cheating?

Beyonce & Jay Z

Beyonce revamped a few lyrics on her 2006 track “Resentment” last night during the Cincinnati stop of her and Jay’s “On the Run” Tour, leading fans to believe she’s sending a direct shot at her hubby and revealing a little bit of drama in their rumored-to-be-troubled marriage. “Resentment” is about a cheating spouse that the singer is trying to forgive, and though no one assumed she was speaking about her own experiences when it appeared on B’day, they may be thinking differently now. I mean, why else switch up the words to make it more applicable to you?

Instead of singing, “Been riding with you for six years,” Bey sang, “Been riding with you for 12 years.” She also changed “Like I couldn’t do it for you like your mistress could,” to ,”Like I couldn’t do it for you like that wack b*tch could,” and adding “She ain’t even half of me, that b*tch will never be,” after, “I gotta look at her in her eyes and see she’s had half of me.” Yikes! Do you think Bey is trying to say something?! They looked like a happy family just the other day, so hopefully this means nothing at all!

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Sports: Say What?? Former NFL Player & Husband Of Playboy Model Caught Cheating With Who?


Fellas, if you have a hot wife or girl at home why would you do this, allegedly! Former Philadelphia Eagles receiver Hank Baskett, who also happens to be married to Kendra Wilkinson from Playboy and the Girls Next Door show is suspected of stepping out on his wife, with a tranny! The couple who also had their own reality show on VH1 has been going through a hard time lately but this damn sure isn’t how you fix that. Hit the jump.

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Here’s What Casper Smart Said In Response To The J. Lo Cheating Rumors!

J. Lo x Casper Smart

Jennifer Lopez and her young boytoy Casper Smart called it quits a couple of months back, with rumors still rampant that the cause behind it was Casper’s alleged sexcapades with multiple transsexuals. Not the cleanest of rumors to have out on your name!

Naturally, according to Casper, this is all BS, and he’s preparing to sue the website that made the claims against him. His lawyer sent a letter to TheDirty.com’s founder, Nik Richie, denying he’s ever met, kissed or had sexual relations with either of the transsexuals in question (the site says he met two on Instagram,) nor did he ever cheat on Jen. He says if they don’t retract the story, they will be sued. He’s also sent letters to both people claiming they had the affair with Capsper, asking them to sign declarations saying they never met him.

Nik Richie’s response to the letter, though? “Casper, go get a real job. I heard Instagram is hiring over in their compliance department. Stop blaming everyone else for your problems.” AMAZING! LOL!

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(Video) Kaylin Garcia Opens Up About Sage The Gemini Breakup & Cheating Rumors

Kaylin Garcia x Sage The Gemini

Kaylin Garcia infamously twerked her way into Sage The Gemini’s heart earlier this year, and though the pair hadn’t even met in person, the 21-year-old rapper and the 22-year-old model made their union official. Unfortunately, the relationship ended before it could even really start (and seemingly before they ever even met? I mean, we still haven’t seen a photo of them together!) and after a Twitter rant about “unfaithful” women and his single status, Sage all but confirmed the two had called it quits. He’d later backtrack and say he wasn’t referring to Kaylin, but it was rather useless after he’d already proudly claimed her as his own in a series of promo interviews for his debut album, Remember Me.

So, what happened? Kaylin is finally opening up about the situation, revealing that though she still cares for him, she feels he has a lot of growing to do before they can really make something work. She also discussed her 1-year celibacy – which she feels is also a factor in why the pair didn’t go the distance. Check out the full interview below. I hope these two eventually can make it work…they’d be so cute together!

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(PHOTO) Sports: Word?! K. Michelle Reveals She’s Dating This NBA Player Again


Oh boy,  here we go with the some drama! K. Michelle has always been pretty open about her relationships and she didn’t hide anything when she and Lance Stephenson broke up.  He ended up cheating on K. Michelle with his baby mama and got her pregnant again … while he was still with K.  So moving forward … he’s supposedly still with that woman (Feby Torres), but K. Michelle dropped some news on Twitter recently that makes the situation very messy.  Yikes.  Hit the jump to see her tweet…

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Swizz Beatz Clears Up Cheating Rumors


Swizz Beatz took away from his study of macro economics at Harvard University to clear up the rumors of him stepping out on his wife, Alicia Keys. An excessive amount of likes on personal trainer, Lita Lewis’ Instagram page along with a comment requesting that she check her DMs (Um, we know how the personal DMs can get) had the social media world talking – stepping out on the ol’ gal. The air has been cleared. Check out the deets down bottom.

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