(Video) NFL: Mark Brunell Gets Emotional & Almost Cries While Calling Tom Brady A Liar!


Mark Brunell got very emotional yesterday on ESPN after Tom Brady held his press conference addressing the deflated balls issue. Brunell was hoping to feel like he got a truthful answer from Brady, especially being a former quarterback himself, but he clearly did not like what Brady said and did not hold back. I must admit Brady appeared to be lying about everything, but it is so tough to know for sure. Jerome Bettis was also part of the show and called Brady a liar as well.

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(Photos) NBA: Drama! Woman Claims She Is Banging Nick Young Behind Iggy’s Back & Isn’t Going To Stop


Nick Young is not having much luck with the ladies right now. Well technically if all these stories recently are true, then he is having a great time with the ladies, but not so great at covering his tracks. Last week pictures were snapped of Nick chilling with a mystery woman who seemed to be very comfortable with Swaggy. Iggy was nowhere to be found, but the pics might of rubbed her the wrong way because a couple days later Nick copped her a brand new Ferrari, possibly as an “I’m sorry” gift. Now another “mystery” woman is claiming she is sleeping with Nick and has proof but more so doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon!

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(Photos) NFL: Report, NFL Finds 11 Deflated Footballs From AFC Championship Game


The NFL has announced that 11 of the 12 balls used by the New England Patriots were in fact under-inflated! Deflated kicking balls were allegedly used in the AFC Divisional game against Baltimore Ravens, drawing complaints from them as well…further details on this update report below!

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(Photos) NBA: Iggy Azalea Responds to Rumors that Nick Young Cheated on Her


Rapper Iggy Azalea and Los Angeles Lakers guard Nick Young have an adorable and happy relationship; living together and even discussing marriage.  It was only a matter of time before the drawbacks of being a Hollywood couple hit them.  Pictures surfaced of Young with two mystery women and to add insult to injury, he was in the swagged out car Iggy bought him for Christmas.  Young responded to the cheating rumors saying he would never mess up a good thing but he is sleeping on the couch because of the incident.  She decided to break her silence on the matter and Iggy Azalea responds to someone on Instagram.

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NFL: Did Golden Tate Really Bang Russell Wilson’s Ex-Wife, Causing Divorce? He Addresses The Rumors


During last season’s Super Bowl run, the Seattle Seahawks seemed like such a unified family, and that was part of the reason they came together and got a championship. Wasn’t long after however that we started hearing things in the locker room weren’t all too friendly. A rumor started around April that Russell Wilson divorced his wife in part because she may of slept with a teammate, Golden Tate, whom when he decided to leave Seattle and sign with Detroit, made the situation even more suspicious. He claims though the rumors are false.

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(Photos) NBA: Nick Young Has To Sleep On The Couch After Rumors Of Him Cheating On Iggy With Mystery Woman


The media has swaggy all messed up right now! After some sneaky photographer snagged some pics of Nick Young with a sexy mystery woman, the rumors started immediately about him trying to creep behind Iggy’s back, especially with the way he was very close with the woman in the pics. It could of been anything, nobody really knows, but apparently Nick is sleeping on the couch now cause Iggy isn’t happy with him! Hopefully there is some sarcasm there and this isn’t a big deal. Hopefully for Nick I should say!

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(Photos) NBA: Uh-Oh! Was Nick Young Caught Creeping Behind Iggy’s Back??


Pictures lie all the time and I hope for Swaggy P’s sake that is what’s going on here. Nick Young doesn’t seem to realize someone was snappin’ pics while he appeared to be very close and comfortable with a woman who was not Iggy. No word on who the mystery woman is but it looks like he even wound up heading inside with her away from the view of cameras. Now again, it could be nothing, but you can form your own opinion by checking out the pics!

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(Video) NCAAF: LOL, Was This Alabama Fan Caught Cheating By Television Cameras?


Social media has been going on on this woman, who appeared to be very frightened when cameras put her on the jumbo screen and on your TV screen last night during the Sugar Bowl. As Ohio State fans were going crazy behind her, the woman appeared to be consoling her “date” as the two of them are Alabama fans. But when she realized she was on camera she very smoothly but quickly moved her hand and self away from the guy and tried to act like it never happened. I wonder who she was afraid might be watching?

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NFL: Report, DeMarco Murray’s Girlfriend Leaves Him Over Cheating Story Of Ex-Teammate


Damn, I actually feel sorry for DeMarco Murray because of all this. I am sure you remember his former college teammate Brennan Clay, publicly accusing DeMarco of cheating with his girlfriend Gina. He went on and on via twitter and even shared dirty messages and screen shots between the two. He did ALL THAT just to admit this week he was wrong and he jumped to conclusions. So Brennan was obviously a clown that created drama that wasn’t there to begin with and now that “fake” story has affected DeMarco’s real relationship with his girl, Heidi Mueller. She reportedly wasn’t affected by the story at first but eventually got fed up. Turns out Brennan may of sent DeMarco’s girl some interesting photos as well when he thought he was sleeping with his girl.

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(Photos) NFL: Man Divorcing His Model Wife After Keyshawn Johnson Asked Her For P*ssy Pics & More!

IFWT_Keyshawn Alica husband

Is anybody faithful anymore?  At this point it’s looking like you have to keep your girl away from anybody that plays or played in the NFL.  Latest on the list is former NFL great, Keyshawn Johnson.  He’s smack dab in the middle of a model’s break-up as her husband thinks she’s been cheating with Johnson.  He’s filed court papers and included the crazy messages the two reportedly sent to each other.

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