(Photos) NFL: Man Divorcing His Model Wife After Keyshawn Johnson Asked Her For P*ssy Pics & More!

IFWT_Keyshawn Alica husband

Is anybody faithful anymore?  At this point it’s looking like you have to keep your girl away from anybody that plays or played in the NFL.  Latest on the list is former NFL great, Keyshawn Johnson.  He’s smack dab in the middle of a model’s break-up as her husband thinks she’s been cheating with Johnson.  He’s filed court papers and included the crazy messages the two reportedly sent to each other.

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(Photos) NFL: Golden Tate Says Russell Wilson Is a Hypocrite For Taking Someone’s Girl After Accusing Him

IFWT_Tate Wilson Ashton 2

This is all some messy stuff but I’m going to try and explain it the best I can.  So a while back, Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson filed for divorce from his wife Ashton.  There was a rumor going around that Ashton cheated with Wilson’s teammate at the time, Golden Tate.  Fast forward to this week and Detroit Lions tight end Joseph Fauria goes on his Twitter account and accused his wife Gina of cheating with Russell Wilson.  Now he is chiming in on that drama with his own tidbit, Golden Tate says Russell Wilson is a hypocrite.

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(Photo) NFL: Lions TE Apologizes For Comments Made About Russell Wilson Stealing His GF


That cleared up pretty quickly. After posting a series of tweets accusing Russell Wilson of stealing his GF, Joe Fauria apologized and retracted his earlier accusations. Hit the jump for details.

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(Photos) NFL: Not Again… Lions TE Accuses His Girlfriend of Cheating With Russell Wilson?!


Ok you guys seriously, what is going on?!  Apparently everybody is using social media to put their significant others on blast.  Aside from the whole Chris Brown/Karrueche/Drake thing, a story making major headlines is former Oklahoma Sooner, Brennan Clay accusing his wife Gina of cheating with his former teammate and current Dallas Cowboy, DeMarco Murray.  Now it appears another football player followed Clay’s route and took to his Twitter account to let the world know his girl was cheating with Seattle Seahawks quarterback, Russell Wilson!

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(Photos) NFL: Brennan Clay Was Allegedly Cheating Too While Accusing Wife of Sleeping With DeMarco Murray!


This situation with Brennan Clay and his wife just keeps getting messier by the minute.  It all began when Clay took to his Twitter account and announced that his wife Gina was cheating on him with his former Oklahoma Sooner teammate and current Dallas Cowboy, DeMarco Murray.  Clay later filed for divorce and began leaking texts messages between his wife and Murray.  Well it looks like we have a plot twist because according to “Gina’s friend”, Clay isn’t a saint and he’s been cheating too!

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(Video) NFL: Brennan Clay’s Wife Hits The Club Amid Cheating Allegations With DeMarco Murray


In the world of social media you can be totally unknown to the world one minute, and have thousands of people checking your twitter and Instagram and everything else the next minute. Gina D’agostini is currently being put on blast by her soon to be ex husband Brennan Clay after he discovered Gina has been cheating on him with DeMarco Murray. He already leaked some text messages between the two earlier today. At least for the moment Gina doesn’t seem to be phased by it as she went out to enjoy herself. Then again she could of went out to forget what is going on and get drunk. Either way Brennan has her looking crazy out here and she seems to deserve it.

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(Photos) NFL: Yikes DeMarco Murray’s Former Teammate Says Murray Slept With His Wife!


Ummmm awkwardddd.  DeMarco Murray should be having a relaxing Sunday since the Dallas Cowboys are off today after playing on Thanksgiving but things just took a super left turn.  Murray’s former teammate Brennan Clay, went on Twitter and revealed that Murray was having an affair with his wife!

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(Photos + Video) Hmm…Did Chris Brown Show Karrueche Some IG Love Because He Got Caught Slippin’?

Breezy shows love to Karrueche-cropped

Despite the fact that she was in town, Karrueche Tran was not in attendance alongside her boyfriend Chris Brown at Trey Songz’ 30th birthday bash in L.A. on Saturday night. While the party was going on, a photo surfaced of Breezy on a roller coaster with a pretty girl, seemingly appearing that they were getting a little close. She does look rather young, though, so perhaps she was just a fan that he was being nice to?

Either way, Chris then took to Instagram shortly after the pic hit the web, and shared a photo of himself kissing a poster of his “baby” modeling for Monster headphones, adding how proud of her he was. Now that’d be cute, but later that night, a video of a couple ladies shaking their booties while playing pool in Breezy’s house surfaced on Instagram too (below,) so it appears they took it back to the crib for the after-party.

Is Chris up to his old tricks, or is all of this innocent fun? Check the pics and video and let us know your thoughts!

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(Photos) Oh Boy! Texts, Photos, Emails – Apparently Wiz Khalifa Was Cheating The WHOLE Time With This Girl!

Wiz x Alexis

This is SUCH a mess! Apparently Wiz Khalifa has been creeping with a young woman by the name of Alexis since before Amber, and then continued while with Amber, had a little break when Sebastian was born and are right back at doing their thing. The Shade Room has been gathering evidence over time – from separate photos in the same place, to photos together, to text messages, who follows who (Amber follows Alexis, so she must have known!), tweets with Wiz’s mom…it’s pretty intense! There’s also an email from Alexis herself, detailing their relationship from the start. It’s so sad, because she proudly glorifies being the side chick, and it’s women like this that will forever ruin relationships. Obviously the men are to blame as well, but this just makes it that much more worse. Check out the tea below and the receipts in the gallery. HOW do you cheat on AMBER ROSE with THAT?!!?!?! HOW, SWAY?!

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(Photos) Hmm…Who’s This Mystery Brunette With Tyga?

Tyga x mystery brunette

We know he’s out here capin’ for his little 17-year-old boo thang Kylie Jenner…but is Tyga CREEPIN’ too? We certainly wouldn’t put it past him, and he definitely raised a couple of eyebrows when he was spotted with a mystery brunette hopping out of his red Range Rover earlier this week. The woman certainly looks more in his age-range, but she also seems a bit too prissy for the rapper who clearly loves his chicks to be controversial (whether they’re a former stripper, or a high school student…) Do you think paparazzi caught him with a side chick, or is she just a friend/employee? More pics in the gallery.

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