The gloves are officially off and the battle is on! Since the settlement talks didn’t resolve anything, Lil Wayne is now going to sue Birdman.
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TMZ reported that the two men were going back and forth all week trying to come to terms with everything but it just couldn’t be worked out. Maybe after the release of Weezy’s “Sorry For The Wait 2” mixtape, Birdman probably had a change of heart. Well whatever the reason, it looks like things will become messier.

Wayne will ask the judge to free him of Cash Money and from under the control of Birdman. He states that Baby violated their contract because he withheld the release of the new album. Not only that, he’s asking for $8 million claiming that it’s an advance from his newest album and that Birdman owes him. As for Birdman, he’s held on strong and is not trying to release the album no time soon, his “in due time” sticks and Wayne isn’t having that.

Will Weezy still be blessing the world with some dope new music? Indeed, he will be working outside of the Cash Money label and doing his own thing. I wonder how this is going to end… The drama continues!

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