Let’s get married becomes a far fetch when you’re getting arrested for aggravated assault on your fiancée. Jagged Edge member, Kyle Norman was taken into custody when his fiancée called police to their Peters Street home in Atlanta.

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A drunken Kyle Norman is accused of aggravated assault after he had, “punched and choked” his fiancée, “with a scarf and shoved her engagement ring down her throat choking her more.” According to My Fox Atlanta, “police stated in their report that the victim’s eyes had welts under them and there was a golf ball sized knot on her upper left forehead. She also had a cut to her nose and it appeared as if she had a blood clot in her right eye that had burst,” due to the abuse she endured. Oh, he could keep that engagement ring. The R&B crooner had taken the woman’s keys and cell phone before she distracted him and called for help. When officers showed up to the Peters Street home, they witnessed Kyle running up yelling, “I need to go to jail.” According ton him, he was taking the frustration of his father having cancer out on the fiancée. That’s sad, but still no excuse. You think this engagement is over or nah?

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Norman is no stranger to the system. In 2003, after being a suspect in a local theft ring, he turned himself into the DeKalb County sheriff’s office after they found money, cash and drugs in his Decatour, Georgia home.