Rosie Perez isn’t the only one who believes that Bobbi Kristina’s current state of health is due to the latest celebrity biopic, Whitney. “That baby [Bobbi] has not stood a chance since she was conceived just about. She’s talked about, ridiculed and all the people that had all the things to say about her. That’s a baby; that’s a 21-year-old baby,” says well-known manager, Debra Antney. Named as a family friend of the Browns, Antney remains the voice of reason as she sits down with Extra’s own AJ Calloway to talk about Bobbi’s condition. “She’s a baby and she’s a fighter. She’s gone pull through.”

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“That man [Bobby] is in so much pain, it’s pathetic,” Debra Antney adds. “No matter what anybody say about Bobby, Bobby loves his children. He loves his kids. He’s a wreck. Thankful he got a good wife that stands right there by him.” As he sits by his daughter’s bedside, Bobby’s nerves are all over the place, as it’s been announced that his wife, Alicia Etheridge, is four months pregnant. The pain.

Debra Antney always seems to give a logical perspective on many topics. How can one now love her.