Floyd isn’t serious about this is he?? In the words of Jay Z, “We don’t believe you, you need more people”!! After years of back and forth nonsense, especially the past three-four months when both fighters just couldn’t stop throwing shots via social media, we finally have the dream fight we all desire. Now that negotiations are over, Floyd is talking more about the fight, and even went as far as to claim he forced Manny to fight him. Not sure why he would ever say that, but it is what it is.


Not that I doubt Floyd’s ability to beat Pacquiao, because I actually believe that is exactly what is going to happen, but nobody is ever going to get me to believe Floyd “forced” Pacquiao into the mega fight.

After nearly 6 years, how did the fight finally come about? Was it a difficult process to get to the finish line in these negotiations?

It was very, very difficult. We forced them to fight. We gave them no choice. Al and Bob and HBO and Showtime were going back and forth, trying to make the fight happen. It was a battle, but everybody is happy now and it’s time to give the people what they want to see. Everyone was saying, “Sign the contract! Sign the contract!” As soon as Arum signed and as soon as Manny signed, Al Haymon brought the contract right to me and I signed the contract with no problem at all. I’m not here to say anything negative about Bob or say anything negative about Manny. That’s not my job to do. I’m a boxer/entertainer and my job is to go out there and entertain and be the best that I can be. I’m just happy that we were able to make the fight happen. I can’t wait.

Manny has been very LOUD in his wanting to fight Floyd for years now. Sure things go on behind the scenes on both sides that people like us don’t know about, but if anything Floyd was the one who had to be talked into the fight. Maybe he wanted to make sure the fight and money would be worth his time, which is perfectly fine as to why he took years to make a real effort to make the fight happen, but nobody for a second is going to think he was the one forcing the fight.

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