Recreational Marijuana Legal, Yessssss!!! As of 1201a THIS morning, thanks to a November city council bill passing, BUT you can’t….

Tat Wza

Recreational Marijuana Legal:

Can’t Smoke outside, or you’ll be in cuffs! You also will have to be 21 and up, but the ‘limited law'(because it’s still federally illegal) allows up to 2 OZs of cush(or whatever strain you burn), at home, and from small amounts(3 Mature plants, 3 immature plants, 6 total). The law only allows up to an OZ on you outside to transport(not burning), and Pot shops will NOT be popping up as the bill does NOT cover taxation/buy & selling(so corner boys still have to duck and hide). 20% of the city is off-limits to the green because anything federal, buildings, offices, congress, White House, you know, the unimportant areas, are a no no!!

“This is a major milestone on the road to ending marijuana prohibition in the United States,” said Robert Capecchi of the Marijuana Policy Project, which advocates for legalization. “If the president can brew and drink beer in the White House, adults should be allowed to grow and consume a less harmful substance in their houses.”

If it weren’t for the Murder rate, I’d move to DC ASAP, run IFWT from there!!! It’s closer than Washington state, Alaska and Colorado.