When you think you heard it all, something else happens in life. 52 year old John Marshall a Florida resident done the unthinkable! He brought the dead body of his neighbor into his lawyer’s office…
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Imagine minding your business and some strange man brings in a dead body, what would you think or do? Allegedly Marshall shot and killed his neighbor Ted Hubbell, claiming it was self defense. The two got into a heated dispute about a portable outhouse that Marshall installed way too close to his neighbor’s property. Before he thought about contacting the police department, Marshall did what anyone else would do and bring a dead body to their attorney. He claims “he didn’t know who else to trust”, yeah that would be the most logical thing to do. Marshall walked into the office with a broken thumb and teeth and bleeding. He then left the firm to go get his wounds treated at the hospital. There is no word if he will be arrested as of yet.

Surrounding neighbors familiar with the two men told Fort Meyers News Press that Hubbell was a Buddhist pacifist and very non aggressive but Marshall was known to be very aggressive and threatening. Hmmmmmm very interesting and I’m sure more details will be released shortly.

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