Kanye & Nicki

Its no secret, that Young Money rapper Onika Miraj is one of Yeezy’s biggest supporters. Well in new interview Nicki Minaj refers to Kanye West as “The King”? Yup. Listen as to why inside.

Its no secret that Nicki Minaj has the utmost respect rapper for Yeezy, but to call him king??? Well earlier in the week, Kanye shamefully bigged up the Queens femcee at a lecture at Oxford University, and her total slaughter of her verse on “Monster”, saying AGAIN on record that she had the best verse of the three. Well in new interview with UK radio station Capital FM, Nicki couldn’t help but return his praise as they are equally fans of each other’s work. Nicki shared……

“It’s sort of amazing, but I keep saying that Kanye, he gave me an amazing opportunity and because of that I feel like he outshines everyone,” Nicki says on-air. “He puts people in a position to do better….When you are an artist and you can do that for people, then you are The King, you are The One, and that’s how I look at him. He did it in a really selfless way,” Nicki says. “He didn’t have anything to gain from it. And that’s what I’ve always respected and loved him for.”

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