Meagan Good, Tamara Bass, and World Star?

Just what kind of web series are the gorgeous and talented actresses plotting on? Meagan Good and Tamara Bass Bring What to World Star?

Meagan Good’s career has spanned over everything from the original Friday all the way to Think Like A Man and Anchorman 2. Now she’s partnered with a Boston Public and Baby Boy vet as Meagan Good and Tamara Bass Bring What to World Star? After being in the business and knowing each other for 18 years the two joined forces to create Krazy Actress Productions (named after all the rejections they used to get for pitching their own directed and produced work)…but what exactly’s going on here?

Digging deeper into the Meagan Good and Tamara Bass Bring What to World Star? story reveals the two are actually looking to–plot twist–bring positive content to the viral hotbed and intentionally-often-ratchet vault of WSHH that’s become an online cornerstone. The two will bring a 10-episode original series titled “All That Matters,” following Bass’ character Joy, newly engaged to her college sweetheart when her engagement gets interrupted by a sister dropping a baby into her life and asking her to care for it.

The ultimate goal of the company and this series they say, is to bring more of “our” faces, stories and experiences to more screens by our own hands–they confirm Hip Hop legend Sway Calloway is also grouped in. The series plans to portray a “normal” black couple who try to figure out their situation instead of just running. Though still the lasting question of Meagan Good and Tamara Bass Bring What to World Star? on many minds is–but why World Star??? Good question…Meagan had this to say:

“There can be a lot of content in the world, whether negative or positive, and really what Tamara and I were looking for was to find a platform where everyone was watching. When I did Anchorman, the producers at Paramount said we need to get [advertisement] on World Star Hip Hop because they have so many people. That’s when I understood the value of how to ensure a high visibility level, and not just that, but people can perceive a lot of negative things. How can we bring light to it? How can we bring positivity to it?”

…and Bass added this:

“Of course, there are going to be people who ask us why World Star Hip Hop? There are already going to be a bunch of people who are already frequent World Star visitors and think this is something they’re not going to want to watch. We’re prepared for all that. My thing is, if World Star Hip Hop is trying to change the direction of where they’re going and wanted someone to be the first, why not us?”

Is that right…very interesting! Will you be tuning in, not feeling this, or respect these ladies for seeing this vision and capitalizing? Can’t front, two black women landing a deal with World Star to produce, direct and create their own positive content–is not your everyday accomplishment. Even the news of Kanye and Dame heading into film together didn’t have the positive spin on it…is more of our own in control of our own just what we need?

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