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Lee Daniels Adds Eddie Murphy To Cast. Lee Daniels is truly building an “Empire” He even got Eddie Murphy on board wow. Lee Daniels may have out done himself this time. He’s even in shock! He posted on social media “I Dont Even Think I’m Ready For This One” Find out more After the jump

Lee Daniels Adds Eddie Murphy To Cast.Eddie Murphy Will be featured in Lee Daniels Biopic Pryor alongside Oprah. They haven’t mentioned anything about about the hit Tv show on Fox “Empire” However that doesn’t mean t isn’t a possibility. There are so many celebrities rumored to be on the next season such as Patti Labelle and Jennifer Hudson. I’m glad there is some confirmation about this movie .There has been so much back and forth about who is going to play Pryor is it going to be Marlon Waynes, Mike Epps or Nick Cannon. I personally think they should give it to a no name artist.I think the others have such a specific body of work that it can be distracting.

Lee Daniels Adds Eddie Murphy To Cast

The good news was confirmed by Entertainment Tonight who revealed Eddie will play Richard Pryor’s father, LeRoy “Buck Carter” Pryor, a former boxer. ET also confirmed that Kate Hudson will play Richard’s wife, Jennifer Lee uploaded a pic of himself and Eddie to the ‘Gram with the caption, “Strap in and brace yourself. They done let me and him out of our cages! #idonteventhinkimreadyforthisone! #excited #proud #OMG”

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