A pro basketball player working with the FBI is not something you hear everyday, but that’s exactly what happened when the NBA star had over two million dollars stolen from him by a former business manager. Rather than sitting back and letting the situation play out, Jefferson himself became part of the sting operation to catch the thief in his lies.



NBA star Richard Jefferson says he was taken for $2 MILLION … and played a key role in a covert FBI operation to catch the (alleged) bad guy and recover his cash.

It’s all part of new legal docs obtained by TMZ Sports … in which the 34-year-old Dallas Mavericks forward claims his former business manager Ted Kritza drew $2 million from Richard’s bank credit line without permission.

Jefferson says he reported the crime to the FBI which launched an investigation — an investigation that included RJ getting Kritza on the phone and secretly recording a conversation.

During the phone call, RJ says Kritza “confesses to wrong-doing” … and the incriminating recording is now with the feds.

Jefferson is currently waiting on most of the cash to be returned.