Adam Levine lands a pretty unlucky strike during a Maroon 5 show. Hop into the post to see Adam Levine nail a fan in the head with a Microphone. #IFWT

So Adam Levine of Maroon 5 did a show over in Toronto Canada on Monday night and it was EPIC.. only thing was the sound guys were really messing up and he got pretty pissed off. Due to the horrible sound people messing up the quality of the show , it angered Adam Levine and he decided to chuck the mic out of frustration.

Wait , didn’t Lil Wayne Kind of do this too ? CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT !!!

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Adam Levine obviously wasn’t considering where that microphone would hit since it was all pretty much out of anger. Well looks like he nailed the S**t out of one of his fans in the front row in the head !

But only Adam Levine could have left a huge bump from a hard hit from a mic to a women and her only love him even more after.

If it was the drummer it would of him a DUB !!! LAWSUITS EVERYWERE !!

Well as soon as Adam Levine realized that he hit his fan he actually ran over to her in the front row seat and pulled her onto the stage to apologize in front of everybody.

Watch the video and tell us if you think this smooth move was genuine ? or to keep away from a lawsuit? #IFWT

Also check out that crazy bump from the fans head in the gallery !