Usually children are happy to spend a day or two with grandma. Not these two 7 and 8 year old sisters.

If we did a vote, this grandmother would take the “worst grandmother of the year” award. How can someone put dog collars on their grand children and forcing them to sleep on the cold a$$ floor with NO pillow or blanket. That’s just harsh and wrong on so many levels.

Thankfully, the Orange County Sheriff’s office charged that grandMONSTER, Linda Brantley with aggravated child abuse. The sisters told investigators that their grandmother punished them in harsh ways. She would make them stand with their hands in the air for long periods at a time, made them sleep on the floor with no kind of pillow or blanket and she even tied their wrists up with dog collars as reported by WFTV. WTF so they were basically being treated like animals.

Officials also stated that the woman chained the two little girls to a washing machine and then used a doggie gate to block them so they couldn’t leave the laundry room, resulting in them having to spend the night in there. Brantley allegedly didn’t let the girls have a childhood because she denied them from playing with toys and neighbors revealed that they barely saw them outside. For now, the two girls and their 9 year old brother are in foster care.

Since then, Brantley was released from jail on bond and while the investigation is still going on, she was ordered by the judge to stay away from her granddaughters and any child under the age of 18.

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