(Video) Rick Ross Buys Checkers Restaurant In Carol City, Florida

UPROXX Youtube Rozay just bought back the block after he adds Checkers to his list of business ventures.

(Video) Florida High School Principal Tells Student Not To Report An Incident In Which She Got Jumped

Things went way left at “Plantation High School” after a group of girls jumped three girls. In the video we can see kids every where. Tajzhana Hammond, her friend, and her cousin, were amongst the girls. Hammond got it the worse. She says she was dizzy and the girls would not let her go.

(Photo + Video) 11 Hostages Have Been Saved After Bank Robbery And Standoff In Jacksonville, Florida

A suspect is now in custody after a man took 11 hostages while at a local bank in Jacksonville, Florida. Officers responded to a call that shots rang off inside of the bank and someone was possibly injured. Officials have now confirmed that no one has been shot.

Damn, Lil Yachty’s Mural In Florida Removed In Just Two Days

Jacksonville-based artist Nico is quite the Lil Yachty fan, and earlier this month, created a mural of the “One Night” rapper on a blank wall in the city. Unfortunately, it didn’t last very long.

(Video) Woman Robbed In A Matter Of Seconds At Florida Gas Station

This guy robbed a woman for her purse as her back was turned in about 30 seconds. Stealthy but he got caught on camera.

(Video) Man Bikes From The Bronx To Orlando, Florida To Visit His Mom

Take a look at this guy’s incredible 1000+ mile journey to see his mother.

(Video) Florida Man Twerks While In Court

A florida man made a scene in bond court as he was arrested for stealing a car from a high school parking lot. When the man walked into court, he screamed “How you doing?” at the judge as he twerked. Judge Catherine M. Pooler was highly unamused at this behavior.

(Video + Photo) UPDATE: Ex-Wife Of Orlando Night Club Shooter Speaks Out

Ex-wife, Sitora Yusufiy, of the Orlando night club shooter who is suspected of killing 50 people and injuring 53 has come forward and gave some information about the shooters past. She said that Omar Mateen was violent and mentally unstable and beat her numerous times while they were married.

(Video + Photo) Teenage Boy Bitten By Shark In Florida

A 13 year old boy was bitten at the beach yesterday afternoon, by a shark swimming in 2-3 foot deep water. The shallows….

(Video) Florida Women Beat Up A Victoria’s Secret Employee For Trying To Stop A Robbery

Florida Police are searching for five woman who beat up a Victoria’s Secret employee. The woman was trying to stop them from robbing the store. She noticed one of the woman was moving towards the exit of the store with her merchandise shopping. The employee kindly went up to the woman asking to hold her bag when she was punched in her face.

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