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Former NFL All-Pro Darren Sharper must have the BEST legal team in America because he’ll only serve nine years for the multiple rapes he committed in four different states.

Shay Marie

Earlier it was announced that Sharper pled guilty to sexual assault and attempted sexual assault in a plea deal with Arizona prosecutors and was immediately sentenced to nine years in prison.

Sharper was still facing drugging and rape charges in Los Angeles, Nevada and Louisiana.


Sharper pled no contest to two rapes and four druggings in California.  L.A. County Superior Court Judge Michael Paston sentenced Sharper to 20 years in prison but he’ll only have to serve half that.  He also gets credit for the one year he’s already been behind bars so his remaining sentence in LA is nine years.

Sharper also reached a plea deal in Nevada where he pled guilty to attempted sexual assault of two girls and received a maximum of eight years.

Lastly, Sharper will plead guilty to two counts of forcible rape and a coutn of simple rape in Louisiana.  He received a 20-year sentence but it’s being reported that like LA, he will only serve nine.

As part of a “global plea deal” all sentences will be served concurrently which means Sharper will serve a maximum of NINE years for ALL the rapes.

Sharper will serve his nine years in a federal facility and then placed on parole for three years after he’s released, and will then be on probation for the rest of his life.

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