IFWT_The Game basketball

Rapper The Game is known for letting his fists fly whenever he needs to and apparently he felt during this basketball game was one of those times.  The Game was captured on video punching an opposing player during a Pro-Am basketball game but he says he has a really good reason for doing so.

Shay Marie

Sources connected to Game told TMZ Sports, the rapper says the other guy started things by throwing an elbow at Game who responded by elbowing him right back. Then it got really heated — Game claims the guy said don’t make me go to my gym bag because “I got that thing.”

The clear hint was the guy had a gun.

What happened next was a case of punch or be punched — The Game is saying the guy raised his fist first, and that’s when Game threw his Tyson-tatted right hand.

The video doesn’t appear to back up Game’s claim about the guy being first to make a fist.

Game denies making any death threats as the victim claimed to cops. Police are still investigating.

The Game is an avid basketball player even participating in the famed Drew League.  He’s usually able to keep his cool during games so I wonder what this guy said to get under his skin and if he really made that gun comment.