When you’re already so rich and famous, it’s only right that you have a secret tunnel built in your home connecting you to the Playboy Mansion. Luckily for stars such as Jack Nicholson, Warren Beatty, Kirk Douglas and James Caan, they allegedly had this ultimate luxury. A Playboy editor allegedly found some old photos that prove these tunnels existed back in the day. “Staff led us to an unfinished basement area (rare in LA, given the earthquakes) and let us check out what can only be described as a treasure trove of old photos, plans and blueprints,” the Playboy writer wrote. He then went on to explain that the tunnels were built to the homes of “Mr. J. Nicholson,” “Mr. W. Beatty,” “Mr. K. Douglas” and “Mr. J. Caan.” With that being said, we’re going to take a wild guess and assume they’re talking about Jack Nicholson, Warren Beatty, Kirk Douglas and James Caan, who all lived a very close distance away from the Playboy Mansion during the late 1970s and early 1980s. Although there are no dates on the blueprints, the dates on the Polaroids were from 1977. On top of that, when the journalist went to the Playboy mansion and requested to see these “tunnels,” they were told that they were closed down sometime in 1989– which is the same year Hefner married Kimberley Conrad.

That is absolutely nuts! These celebs were just able to casually hop in a tunnel and cruise right into the Playboy mansion for some late-night (or mid-day, whatevs) fun! Must be nice!

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Source: Playboy