The Former head of the Hip Hop police sat down and talked about what it was like being in a Hip Hop targeting unit, including that half of it was because rap artists are both victims, and assailants, ‘there were into a lot of things’. He goes on the say ‘of course they were going to get a street gang that was getting into Hip Hop’, the NYPD Targeted Bobby Shmurda.

Tat Wza

I know Derrick Parker as he still does security in the NYC area for big name night life venues, but of course I know him after he was employed by the NYPD for specifically investigating Hip Hop Artist(he’s no longer with the NYPD). The way Derrick is talking in this interview, that ‘Hip Hop Police unit’ may no longer exist, but he goes on to say the GS9 crew was already on the radar of the NYPD, and when Bobby Shmurda popped, it got into the hands of a vicious DA that was determined to get the crew before the were untouchable. He also goes on to say the crew was investigated by 2 good(at their jobs) NYPD detectives that really did their homework in order to get the crew. Parker also says once they got them, the label(Epic) backed away.

What’s the lesson here? We all do what we have to do in order to survive, but do your dirt quietly, Don’t be on any radar(the NYPD Targeted Bobby Shmurda because his crew was on the radar), and if you get signed, get clean as soon as possible, but because a label will have to protect it’s self, it’s a business, not family, unless you’ve already made them millions and can keep doing so.