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The Phoenix Suns twins Marcus and Markieff Morris are accused of committing felony aggravated assault against a man they believe sent “inappropriate” text messages to their mother.  The victim, Erik Hood reportedly told authorities that the text in question said he’d always be there for the Morris twins’ mother, Thomasine Morris, and they believed the statement meant their relationship had become sexual.

The alleged assault occurred in January at the Nina Mason Pulliam Recreation & Sports Complex near 15th Avenue and Colter Street, where Hood and a woman had been watching a basketball game, records show.

Here’s what allegedly happened:

Hood told investigators he and the woman were leaving the facility when they were accosted by Julius Kane, 25, the man Hood believes told the Morris twins about the text messages, the report said.

During the confrontation, someone punched Hood in the back of the head, and Hood tried to flee.

Police said Kane and another person caught up with Hood outside the door near some picnic tables, where someone held Hood down while others kicked and punched him, records show. Hood says he was attacked by five people, in all.

Hood reportedly escaped a second time and was near the front of the complex when the group caught up to him and assaulted him again to the point of unconsciousness, according to the police report.

Hood, who later identified Kane and the Morris twins as three of his five attackers, suffered a broken nose, a large knot on the back of his head and abrasions, records show. The woman who accompanied Hood to the game also verified Kane and the twins as being part of the altercation.

Police have made no arrests and no charges have been filed as it’s still being investigated.  The Morris’ twins deny the assault and claim they don’t even know the man.  Their mother says she was not in contact with Hood that day; both claims have been proven to be false.

Source: AZ Central

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